WordPress Security

WordPress Security

The popularity of WordPress (WP) makes it an appealing target for intruders. Outdated versions of WordPress installations, themes & plugins could result in your website being attacked. Vulnerabilities make your website susceptible to intrusions from outsiders with malicious intent.

Cloud-Based Web Application Firewall

We know that you care deeply about the website you manage, and that you want to do everything necessary to ensure web safety and security.

Website hacking is a cause for concern for anyone managing a website or operating their business online, and hackers are becoming more sophisticated by the day. With that in mind, our hosting provider, Hetzner partnered with Cloudbric, a cloud-based application firewall (WAF) that will shield your website against hackers and malicious traffic.

What is Cloud Bric?

Centralised security for WordPress. In essence, Cloudbric is a cloud-based web application firewall. What that means is that it guards against suspicious website traffic, specifically looking for attempts to exploit security flaws in the website’s code.


Cloudbric can prevent exploits like:

  • SQL Injection
  • XSS (Cross Site Scripting)
  • Website DDoS
  • File Inclusion
  • Cookie Poisoning

3 Key Ways Cloudbric Protects your WordPress Website

Making sure your website does not crack or get hacked

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

All web traffic to your website is routed through the WAF, where it detects and blocks malicious traffic, while allowing legitimate traffic through.

Website-level DDoS Protection

Cloudbric blocks DDoS attacks which could exhaust your website resources and make it inaccessible to the visitors you want.

Blocking specific countries and IP's

Cloudbric’s dashboard allows you to perform certain tasks like blocking visitors from specific countries or IP addresses from accessing your website.