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Google Docs is a free, powerful and dynamic tool use to collaborate with our clients in order to collect website content. It is perfect for sharing copy when working remotely. It creates a single file we work on (no more drafts v.1, 2 and so on) and it gives you the ability to make comments and edits viewable by our team, in real time. We are also able to comment by asking questions etc. Whenever a comment is made a notification is sent to the associated email address, so no one ever misses a beat. It even has an instant chat feature built in so we can discuss the content while both Pathfind Media and the client is in the Google Doc.  

To create a new file:
  1. From Google Drive, locate and select the New button, then choose the type of file you want to create. In our example, we’ll select Google Docs to create a new document.
  2. Your new file will appear in a new tab on your browser. …
  3. The Rename dialog box will appear. …
  4. Your file will be renamed.


For in introduction to Google Docs, view this one minute video:



Cheat sheet PDF with infographics that shows the controls:

[pdf-embedder url=””]  

How to make a comment in Google Docs: Simply highlight text and click on the comment icon to the right.

Comment in Google Docs  

How to make “track changes” in Google Docs: Click on the pen icon to the top right, then “Suggesting”.